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Retired racing Greyhounds
usually range from 2 to 5 years of age. Occassionally we have younger and older greyhounds in our kennel. Greyhounds come in a variety of colors, sizes, and personalities. Any injuries will be treated before the greyhounds enter the adoption plan. Your new family pet will be spayed or neutered, teeth and ears cleaned, toenails clipped, rabies and 4-way shots updated, de-wormed, and treated against fleas and ticks. Your greyhound receives a complete physical examination and a veterinary certificate of good health, and we provide a "Martingale" collar and leash.

Contact us by phone, fax or via email to set up an appointment. During your visit at GRA Canada, you'll have the opportunity to talk to us, to ask questions, and to get acquainted personally with few Greyhounds who - we all feel - may fit your lifestyle. You are more than welcome to take them for a walk and observe them in our exercise yard. 

If you already have another dog we encourage you to bring it along to see how they would take to each other. Bring your children along too. "Dogs and Kids" is a match made in Heaven, and it's important your young ones are involved in your selection.


The GRA community maintains an active and informative discussion forum, where you can find lots of interesting conversations and terrific information to help you find out if adopting a greyhound is right for you. Here's a particularly good link for potential owners: